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Determine What Issues To Write About

For the 100 Letters Project your direction in writing can be boiled down to two approaches:

  1. "Lets change this policy/standard. Here is why, and here is what I suggest we do instead"

  2. "I like this policy, it is good and helpful in these ways and I want to acknowledge your work in keeping it in place"

Often the issues that give us the most energy are the ones that hit close to home. A good place to begin your search for subject matter is with yourself. Take stock of what systems, policies and rules you are subject to and if they work for or against your interests.

You may be surprised after doing some critical analysis, that you've supported some things that may not be in the best interest of you, your family or your community. Identifying these systems, policies and issues offers great potential areas of focus for you to advocate for change.

You also stand the chance to find policies and systems that service you and your community well. In those cases, it is an opportunity to positively reinforce the policy and indicate to the officials who administer it, that it has supporters who see it as a positive asset and why.

By not only recognizing the negative, but also acknowledging positive policies, you set a healthy tone in advocacy for you and for those receiving your message. It can be human nature to only speak when things are wrong, but by shining light on what is going right, you may offer balance to counter messages from people who may see the issue differently.

In the Us currently, some of the topics containing issues that people note as priority are;

  • Healthcare

  • Corruption

  • The Economy

  • Education

  • Income Inequality

  • Environmentalism

  • Immigration

  • Criminal Justice Reform

These are not the only issues that you can choose from. You should really take some time to determine what has a great impact on you and what you feel you can be a passionate advocate for or against.

Such passion will help you succeed with this project and further into future advocacy.

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