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What Is The 100 Letter Project

Often people vote against their interests because they have not contemplated what they actually are. Correspondingly many of the publics' policy grievances are not addressed because they lack action items to garner traction and support. The 100 Letter Project is an initiative to change that by spurring informed civic engagement through critical analysis and writing.

The premise is simple; find up to 5 issues that you care about and write the people who have the power to change them or keep them going. Answer the following question honestly:

  • When was the last time outside of school or university that you had an issue that bothered you to the point that you researched it, came up with a solution, and wrote up an explanation to someone who has the power or authority to impact that issue?

The answer for many people is never, or they believe their vote should suffice in conveying their desires. Yet a plurality of Americans believe their priorities are not being addressed by their elected representatives. Instead special interests, lobbyist and monied elites bend their ear and have their way.

What are they doing that you are not? In short, they are taking the time to know what they want, who controls it, and creating action items for those people to carry out. This project will help you take a page out of their playbook and consolidate your ideas to be the basis for a groundswell that will get any officials attention. The fist step is finding your issues.

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